Nurturing Ministry

Nurturing Ministry

Just like any other ministry, Nurturing is on of the Ten ministries in Taita Taveta University Christian Union.
With a firm foundation of the word of God, we nurture new believers and help them stand in salvation by encouraging them and giving them the rightful direction in the matters of Faith.

we also help brethrens in strengthening their Faith in Christ. This has seen us grow as a church both in faith and in the number of those who come to Christ

The ministry members holds their prayers every Thursday at the Hill of Grace and later meet from 09:00pm to 10:00pm on Thursday to discuss ministerial issues.

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Our vision

To be philanthropist as God gives ability and pure heart.

Our Mission

To share love of Christ and give hope to the children with special needs

Our objectives

Reach the the sick and share with the needy in the society and extend the love of Christ to the needy students in our campus