Intercessory Ministry

Intercessory Ministry

We've always counted it as a resposibility to go an extra mile in petitioning and decreeing things into being. As a ministry, we intercede for individual, for the church and for the nation at large. We uphold the instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Order of Luke 18:1; 'That Men ought to prtay without ceasing, with the understanding that we have been granted power to command circumstances and situations and to force the will of God into the Earth.

The ministry members holds their prayers every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. We have group fasting that cut across the week where different individuals fast on different days.

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Our vision

To unite all intercessors within the Institution who shall grow in prayer and fasting to birth revival that is needed in the Nation.

Our Mission

To form a team of prayer worriors who are focused on prayer among individuals, and other Christian Organizations in order to foster spiritual renewal and transformation of Families, communities, cities and Nations to further the kingdom of God.

Our Core Values

Our core values include Integrity, Self-discipline and time discipline.