Upcoming Events

  • Sagala Mission

    18th-24th Sep 2017 Sagala

    As a Union we dedicate a week for outreach. During the mission we conduct door to door evangelism, open air services, revival meetings and devotions. We also visit the schools and other churches around the mission field. Matthew 28: 19-20

  • Evangelism Week

    2nd-8th Oct 2017 Campus

    This is a week whereby as a church we involve ourself in internal missions whereby we dedicate one week to reach out to our fellow students in their rooms sharing the gospel of Christ.

  • Relationship Conference

    13th - 15th Oct 2017 Campus Auditorium

    This is a weekend we are taught and enlightened about Christian relationships, dating principals, morals, marriages and many more.

  • HCM Week

    16th - 22nd Oct 2017 Campus

    During the HCM week, the whole Christian Union joins the Ministry in efforts to raise funds in support of its missions and programs which includes; Hospital visit, Neighbourhood visits, Childrens home Visit, Prison Visits and internal extension of alms. We maximiz 46+

  • Word Explosion

    29th Oct 2017 Campus Auditorium

    A weekend that is fully dedicated for the teaching of the Word, always done by an invited Minister. 2 Timothy 2:15.

  • Boundless Praise 2017

    10th Oct 2017 Campus Auditorium

    The Boundless praise as the name suggests is a night that we meet to praise and worship the lord without boundaries. The event comes once every semister. the music ministry is in charge of the event though it involves the entire church and community. The event brings together the students, staff and the community.

  • CU Weekend

    18th Nov 2017 Campus

    This is an event that takes place once in a semester. It aims at bringing people together to have fun and involves games such as football, hikes , eating competitions among others.