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Our Executive Committee

Samuel Karobia CU ChairPerson

From the desk of the Chairperson, I take this opportunity to thank you for growing a desire to access our website. It is by the grace of God that I have been able to serve the Christian Union as their Pastor during the spiritual year 2016/2017. I have had a priviledge to serve with the help of other ten leaders and other sub committee Members. Seeing growth among the members of the Church has been our major motivation and we give glory to God and forever remain grateful to Him.

Ruth Muchai Vice ChairPerson

I am grateful to God for His sufficient Grace to serve the Christian Union as the vice chairperson. Caring about ladies within the Christian Union and seeing them grow into virtuous women full of purity and integrity is our major acheivement. Being a " proverb 31 " kind of a woman is our slogan.

Vice Chairperson
Imelda Nasubo CU Secretary

It is always my joy to realize that I am counted among the believers and those together with the body of Christ. By the Grace of God, I am the Secretary of the Christian Union for the spiritual year 2016/2017. Besides, I am also a third year Statistics Student.

Sylvia Ayodi Music Director

I am humbled to serve as the Music Director of the Christian Union. Understanding the position and authority of worship in the kingdom of God has inspired Us to seek the will of God more and establish His desires in Praise and worship. Our driving motive has always been coupled with the scripture in John 4:23.

Music Director
Sylas Odiwuor Organizing Secretary

I am a forth year student pursuing BSc Information Technology. Besides, I serve God at the Christian Union as the Organising Secretary. I am mostly concerned with organising all the events that we get involved in as a Church. I also oversee the Projects committee of the Church.Above all, I thank God for His unending Grace. All glory to God.

Organising Secretary
Alex Abongo Prayer Secretary

I count it all joy having been in the Christian Union Leadership in the docket of the Prayer Secretary.It has been one major growth point to always be found in the point of prayer and cultivating a heart for prayer among brethren in Church.For all the success and progress made all glory i ascribe to God almighty,to Him be praise and honor to the end of time.Col 3:17

Prayer Secretary
Dennis Maina Bible Study Coordinator

By the grace of God I am privilleged to serve as the Bible study coordinator of the Christian union during the Spiritual Year 2016/2017. I take it as a responsibility to see the Church grow deeper and mature in studying the word of God, which is the focal exercise of any other believer. I attribute the strength and success to the Almighty God. All glory to God alone.

BS Coordinator
Janet Anyango Hospitality Secretary

I serve the Christian Union as the Hospitality Secretary and also oversee the Hospitality ministry. I have experienced much and have had a privilledge to Serve great Men of God and other union visitors by ensuring they are fed with meals. I must admit that this could't be necessary without the grace and strength from God.

Hospitality Secretary
Veronica Robe CU tresurer

I am humbled to serve the Lord as the Treasurer at Taita Taveta University Christian Union. I am Mostly concerned with the Finance docket for the spiritual year 2016/2017. I also oversee the Ushering ministry. I am grateful to the Almighty for His unending Grace. All Glory to Him.

Joseph Ndivo Missions Coordinator

In regard to the great commissioning of our Lord Jesus Christ,"go ye into the whole world and make disciples of me.. "i am much grateful to have served as the missions has been such a wonderful moment in the mission ground all over the Taita Taveta County,all Glory and Praise be to the One who Was and Is and Is to Come Amen

Mission Coordinator
Jackson Murimi Literature Secretary

I am humbled to serve in the docket of the Literature Secretary at Taita Taveta University Christian Union during the spiritual year 2016/2017. By the grace of God I oversee the lighters ministry and media ministry. My joy has always been seeing growth among the respective ministry members. All glory to God.

Literature Secretary

Our Sub Committee